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Fabindia offers an opportunity of a lifetime for the entrepreneur in service a large & growing customer base in the home and lifestyle segment.

We present to you Fabindia Interior Design Studio that combines traditions of customer service with innovative interior design tools, to provide the customer design & look options for a home.

With contemporary aesthetic, the interiors of the studio have been especially designed to enhance the customer experience. A brick and mortar space that invites a touch and feel of wood swatches and fabric textures. At Fabindia Interior Design Studio you will have access to catalogues & design tools to be able to offer an engaging experience for product selection. These top of the line tools for interior designing have been developed in partnership with world leaders in augmented reality, intuitive measuring and layout planning.

Fabindia is prepared for an exponential growth in Home & Lifestyle segment. To team up with us in this growth story we are inviting partners who

  • Wish to be a part of a high growth business
    opportunity with guaranteed handsome returns
    on investment
  • Have the qualification and skills
    or simply a passion for interiors
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1. What services are included in Fabindia Interior design studio?
  • We offer various interior design solutions. Our stylist will take you through the different options, but in store consultation is completely free.
  • After the first home visit we work to create up to 3 layouts to make it easy for you to choose the option that best fits your requirements. On approval we prepare a document with the plans, furniture disposition, fabrics to be used, details and any extras you may want to add. On you confirmation, we consider the proposal to your satisfaction and will share after a few days the 3D rendering of what your rooms will look like.
  • Post the order confirmation, we also take care of installing any of our products which will require assembly.

2. Is there anything your team will not undertake?
  • We are currently unable to extend a complete, everything-included service. The means that we do not offer the
    Following :
  • Structural changes to the space
  • Flooring
  • Bathroom decor, design or fittings
  • False ceilings
  • Kitchen furniture or fittings
  • AC/Plumbing/Electrical
3.Could I engage your services for only 1-2 rooms in my house?
  • Of course, our services are available for those looking to decorate their entire house or for those wanting to refurbish only one room.

4. What if I already have furniture that I want to use ?
  • That's fine! We will consider your existing furniture or furnishings, but we cannot guarantee that the 3D rendering will show them.

5. I like something that is not in your catalogue? Can you get it made or source it for me?
  • Unfortunately this is not a service we provide at the moment

6. How long does the whole process take?
  • It depends on your requirements and the complexity of the project. Proposing furniture, floor coverings, window treatments, textiles and coordinate everything is not an easy task! Normally from the time we first meet to delivery it could be anything between 3 weeks and 4 months, depending on time spent on the design stage, availability of ready products, customization of finishes and other factors.
  • Creating your room or home is not something that happens in a flash, but we'll make sure to help you our in the best possible way and spend the necessary time with you!
8.How many options do I get included in the service?
  • Transforming a home or even renovating a room is something that takes time. This is why we try to straighten the path with our cutting edge tools, mood-boards, and an array of Catalogues and swatches. We propose different layouts for you to choose before sharing the 3D rendered images with you. Yes, a second rendering is included as a second color / product option!

9. What happens if I don't like the proposal?
  • No problem, we're happy to have spent the time with you and look forward to seeing you again.